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We Are Cash Close Homebuyers

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At Cash Close Homebuyers we stand out from the rest by recognizing that our clients need more than just a buyer for their house. We provide comprehensive support and are dedicated to being there for our clients during tough times. Our goal is to empower our clients to move forward with ease

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help people sell properties that are creating stress in their families’ lives and help facilitate the process so that everyone involved gets what they need to move forward. We care about helping people take a complex process like selling a house with physical issues or title issues and making it feel as easy and as stress-free as possible. We help people sell properties that are weighing them down that no one else could figure out how to get a clear title on to buy.

Our Story

Darragh Duignan

Darragh has always been involved in real estate throughout his working life. He started as a realtor working in New York after college but knew that he didn’t want to live in New York forever and wanted to buy houses rather than help other people buy them. After a couple of years of researching different areas, he decided on Texas, then shortly after, San Antonio, and moved down to pursue real estate investing.

He found that there were many houses that people wanted to sell but they needed lots of repairs or had complicated title issues that realtors couldn’t solve. He figured if he could learn how to solve these issues then he could help the owners of these houses sell them and move forward. On one of the first houses he bought, there were 8 heirs but there was no will and they couldn’t figure out how to sell the house to get their share of the proceeds. After extensive research and learning from real estate attorneys, he was able to figure out the process and mediated between the 8 heirs who weren’t getting along and successfully purchased the property to get them their money.

He realized that the challenges he solved with each house would make him more knowledgeable and well-adapted to help even more people with issues others couldn’t figure out. He started Cash Close Homebuyers with the intention of buying properties that no one else could buy simply by solving problems for people.

We Buy Houses, So You Can Move On

What Makes Us Different?

We are different because we understand that you called us to sell a house but you might need someone who can do more than just buy the house. We are here to support our clients through difficult times and be there for them with anything they need to move forward.

  •  We’ll Clean The House – You never have to worry about cleaning it up for daily showings and open houses.
  •  SELL AS-IS – Does your house need repairs you don’t want to make? Great! We’ll do the repairs for you.
  • Zero fees. Zero commissions. No closing costs – We charge no fees or commissions when we buy your house. The sales price is the amount that goes into your pocket.

When we say “we buy houses as-is,” we mean in.

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